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Ripple XRP: Mike Green Warns Anthony Pompliano The U.S. Government Has “Plans Within Plans”

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The whole secret plan (or plans within plans) is ridiculous and before, everything good for BTC was good for XRP, until , BTC gets a nationwide adoption and is used for remittances and then, wait , that wasn't good for XRP !

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  3. El Salvador is actually giving the US and the USD the middle finger. What the IMF does not like is that they are being given the middle finger also. The IMF wants total control over all countries money via the Federal Reserve Bank and El Salvador said stuff it. Other countries are also looking to get on the BTC wagon as well. This will force the IMF, The Fed, BIS and the ECB to switch to CBDC's and a new digital SDR / neutral digital asset. Should BTC get put on the Flair Network and able to use the XRPL, the dollar is stuffed. Why use a dollar that has strings attached to the US, it is not worth it. At least El Salvador's president had the balls enough to give the US what it deserves, the middle finger.

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