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Ripple XRP: MoneyGram CEO Confirms Moon is Imminent

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Daily XRP News
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  1. LOL MG is old news what a load of old crap, we have phone wallets peer to peer, lightning network , this lot are 10 years behind the Litecoin. xrpoo haha

  2. I don't think people really got the grasps of what Ripple did here.. Ripple pulled the Verge move, but didn't really hyped it like Verge did in the past with pornhub and therefore the price of XRP didn't really do shit, while as the MoneyGram stock boomed quite nicely. Sure this was more in a larger scale of 50 mil dollars compare to the 2 million VGX, but the result spoke for itself. I don't think time is going to help this push to use the XRP token and its price and I think XRP's price will just naturally grow over time because Bitcoin and Eth's price is growing as well.

  3. I think 95 percent of people tend to forget that xrp was at 0.006 Dollar back in 2017

    Getting rich quick try your luck in the lottery
    If you are not patient enough to wait 3 years then your not worthy of being rich.

    Just keep those xrp and learn a language while Höfling instead of complaining every 3 days and you will be even richer

  4. You know ripple paid about 40 million to moneygram so that they use their product. The winner here is moneygram not ripple or xrp. Just food for thought.

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