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Ripple XRP MoneyGram, Facebook Prediction Comes True, Leaked Horrific Stories

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Facebook will be the biggest payment processor in the world by Bernard Lunn of Daily Fintech.

MoneyGram 10K

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Wasabi Recipes!

Facebook Contracted Employees Stories Leaked

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Thanks for cranking out another video!
    It’s hilarious that you mentioned you vote! Because I was in the 5% at the time when only 1,600 had voted!🤪

  2. Thank you Eri for another exciting update . As I read through the comments a question arises . Is there any progress with the signature campaign to make XRP the cryptocurrency for the 2020 Olympics?

  3. I don't usually allow myself to be hugely hopeful about any of my investments (lessons upon lessons have been learned lol), but sometimes excitement just bubbles up inside me over XRP. This could really be life changing if it takes off.

  4. If a big bag holder is called a whale, can we agree to call someone with less a seal ?

    1 Whale
    2 Shark
    3 Seal
    4 Wilson !
    5 Salmon
    6 Shrimp

    Which one is you, lol

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