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Ripple XRP: Moving Markets and FOMO – Livestream

Daily XRP News

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OZ Crypto is a channel discussing Ripple XRP and other crypto-currencies to help share knowledge. I am not a financial adviser any information I may be giving you is my own personal opinions and knowledge mixed with anything cited

Daily XRP News
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  1. The problem with utility driving value is the current Crypto retail investor is not financially savvy enough to analyse market fundamentals. Most have climbed aboard crypto after watching a few utube videos and have a gamblers mentality.

    Only when financial institutions start driving utility and the majority of utubers start commenting on it will the herd follow.

  2. Bitcoin is not a threat to regular currencies, but the new wealth generator that would trickle down and/or affect gdp growth. 2) If we assume that western (US) economies are driven by “elites”, than arise of bitcoin, which they own, would mean more power in their hands. It is just important to be in the same boat with them. Feel free to contact mr Churchill's for assistance, reach on *churchillalfred8 @ gmail, com….. +1(813) 421 4693 and thank me later

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