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Ripple XRP: NEW CLUES In Bearableguy123 Riddle – Operation Hidden Treasure & Treaty Of Maastricht

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. Come on, this is as plain as the nose on my face. This is all about the XRP escrow controlled by Ripple. No way in hell the Great Reset occurs while Ripple hold 500 million XRP. Ain't gonna happen. The U.S. Treasury wants the escrow to pay down the current, currency crisis. Treasury with the Central Banks will use price controls and co-opt the Escrow. I'll bet my f*cking house on it… That's the book…

  3. It’s about economy and the stocks for Disney coming up. It’s a treasure that no one is noticing!!!!!!! It uses near field technology for its purchases in all its parks! It does it fast. Was dragon coin first, was abandoned by Disney and we can only guess where Disney is going for their digital currency that they already been developing as dragon coin was the foundation! And test.

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