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Ripple XRP: Now Payments Association AND World Bank CONFIRM XRP At High, Stable Price!

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I'm dying to find out who holds the "little piece of paper" that one of these guys said they made sure to have in their pocket. I forget who said it but it's probably a govt sign off to build ETH.

  2. I am fascinated by this. It's <, always fascinating to hear your predictions. Thanks! I’m still pretty confused by the conflicting narratives were getting from gov’t bodies regarding inflation. The Fed seems to have admitted defeat, and I don’t understand it. The economists I’ve been researching the thinking of lately have been saying for YEARS that poorly targeted stimulus will cause inflation, however, that’s just a sign the money needed to have been better directed. The pandemic response strategy sort of looks to a not-too-relevantly-informed bystander (me) like it was for the Fed to print money and dump it into the economy is something of a spray & pray. If there is non-transitory inflation, it’s because they should have more carefully targeted the stimulus. Having said that, I think everyone is feeling a little squeezed at the moment, and the Fed does have some very good economists on their payroll, so despite the popular narrative, (which goes something like: “they printed HOW much money?!? ~~, Of COURSE, that’ll cause inflation!”) On the contrary, I suspect we’ll see their attempts to deal with inflation working. What I'm trying to say here is that if you haven't invested in crypto yet, now is the best time to do so. Don't just invest and seat on the fence to watch, after investing learn to trade because that's the best thing to do. Big thumbs up to Mr. Kyle Miller who taught me how to trade and earn more by applying his trade signal and tips to my trade. So far I drifted into trading my crypto Assets after seeing the need to do so cos of the dip, I have been able to trade on weekly basis and atop 13 BTC while my start-up was 2.5 BTC. We should trade our assets to accumulate more not this holding thing, just in a case like this that we are in *dip*. It will enable you to stay up even when others are crying, you will have nothing to be bothered about because your portfolio is up while others are down. We all should learn from our previous mistakes and start trading. You can stretch out to Mr. Kyle on ͲeIєɠɾαm KyleMiller3 for more updates on how to trade and earn with his explicit trade signal

  3. The issue with this is that they are not "Pre-Funding with fiat" they are making a payment. Then they through ODL would buy XRP in one exchange and then sell XRP in the recievers country in to their fiat currency. What Ripple are doing is taking over all of the BUY function of this trade to leave only SELL on the open market. This is not an efficiency as ODL is not designed for the Sender to hold XRP. This is bad for XRP holders.

  4. If you have been closely watching the crypto <or even invested in it, chances are that you are wondering whether the latest bear cycle is over. The truth is that the market remains unpredictable especially in the long-term. Despite the heavy outflows, Bitcoin still managed to promptly recover, this recovery demonstrated Bitcoin’s strength despite being stress tested against highly volatile and unfavorable market conditions. Could this outcome be a sign that the market is ready for a bigger recovery? The obvious answers is yes despite how long it might take, it is very important to stay ahead of the market by trading with the right strategy. I have been trading with Shirley Bagshaw strategy for 3 weeks now I have been able to accumulate 27 btc with her signals.

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