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Ripple XRP ODL Partner Bitso Up 320% in Remittances & Launches Payments App in Argentina, VET Price

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  1. Thanks Eri!
    Just think, with a CBDC, the Fed could issue it, we could hold it in our personal digital wallet, and then I could send it to your wallet…. all these transactions bypass commercial banks (no fees to charge, no atms, no visa annual fees, no account fees etc).
    I can see why the banks unanimously voted against it!

  2. Eri, one of my favorite sayings is, "Nothing begets buying more than more buying." The opposite seems to be true in the case of XRP. "Lack of buying begets lack of buying." XRP holders are jumping ship constantly, going to coins that are moving up in price. I'm not sure this is as correlated as it seems, but, when I study the XRP Richlist, I see that more than 75% of all XRP wallets (that's over 1.5 million out of 2 million total) hold under US$80.00 worth of XRP. That could be a very bullish statistic. I can picture many of those people who are ALREADY on board, with wallets set up, jumping (jumping back?) onto the XRP train as soon as it starts moving. At that point, I think it will really start rolling, because as I said earlier, "Nothing begets buying more than more buying." Toot Toot — The XRP train will be leaving the station soon. … Charley.

  3. Great news on another Argentina more than likely to me going live. I,m sure i remember someone saying they will lubricate the stickiest corridors first, (aka less liquid pairs ) its all going according to plan!!!!!

  4. I have a feeling that weak hands are being washed out of XRP as for me the use case doesnt correlate with the price and sentiment. I believe if XRP does go it will jump quickly to a point that most wont be able to get back in. Just my thoughts

  5. That's a pretty neat telepresence system in that robot. It will be interesting to see how it does in a store. Especially if some hackers hijack the signal and take over the robot.

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