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Ripple XRP Partnerships Lotus, FLUFWorld, Maladroids, BTC Below $20k & 3AC Domino Effect On Crypto

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. CBDC's are coming and they dont need a bridge

    Today, stable coins like USDC, can move globally instantly and for free without a bridge currency.

    Xrp is a solution for clunky fiat and its outdated rails, the plan is a currency reset and xrp is no longer needed in an all new completely digital Monetary system.

    RIPPLE the company is the SWIFT for CBDC's and like SWIFT, RIPPLE will never go public, it will be owned and operated by participating banks.

    Xrp holders provided the liquidity for Ripple to continously dump their bags and it's the reason why xrp is the worst performing asset in the last 5 years (down 90% over 5 years with high inflation) but that doesn't matter to Ripple who has billions of xrp to dump for billions of dollars, more than enough to Build Ripple and defend it with the most expensive legal team ever assembled. Xrp is the biggest scam ever, the entire crypto space is a scam created by the banks and government.

  2. great breakdown of 3ac, margins and greed, going to be very interesting to see how this unfolds, feels like it could go way lower, I am excited about the buying opportunity coming up. thanks for your great work.

  3. Anyone else finding it awfully coincidental that XRP was removed from all these exchanges and there's really no where to leverage XRP. I sure don't.

  4. Anyone with Blockchain technology experience, or marketing experience, Ripple is hiring, but be forwarned they have a no A**HOLE policy! As Quoted By Brad Garlinghouse!

  5. Just question. I am subscribe for over 2 years I think and I didn't heard yet if you decided we in bear also subscribe BC backer and I k ow you have different opinion if we are in bear l Iike bc like the only one announced we definitely in bear ….just matter what I do like your channel and appreciate your hard work.thank you for responde and stay safe…😉

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