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Ripple XRP: PayPal Launches “Ripple Killer” Xoom For Cross Border Payments

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Ripple utilizing XRP is miles ahead of the new service Xoom launched by PayPal!

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Brad, I received an email from PayPal saying they can now transfer money lightening fast. Question is, what's Xoom's transaction speed?
    With all due respect, the Crypto-market is easy to get into, just ask, the 2,350 crypto-currencies already in existence.
    PayPal, has a very large customer base, and in the business that, Ripple, is trying to get into. IMO, Ripple, is going to have to partner with a larger, or equal size company as PayPal, in order to compete. My question is, what prevents other large companies already in the industry like Paypal, to create their own blockchain, and coin? Ripple, may have to focus on B to B transactions. I just hope, Ripple, has in their Bylaws, no private label coin's for these company, leaving XRP out. I wonder what platform, Xoom, is built on.

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