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Ripple XRP Poll, Ceres & Xtheta Alliance to Onboard New to Crypto, Coinbase VP Dan Romero Podcast

Daily XRP News

Japan will start a full service company to onboard new people in Crypto to revitalize the market!

FSA: 190 Operators are Trying to Enter Japan’s Crypto Market
The regulator confirmed that more than 190 operators have expressed interest to register as cryptocurrency operators. Demand for access to Japan’s cryptocurrency market is on the rise, with more than 190 cryptocurrency firms currently trying to enter the Japanese crypto space, the country’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) has revealed.

Daily XRP News


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  2. Another request…can you watch the video "Ripple XRP: Could SBI's Yoshitaka Kitao Flip a switch and Catapult XRP to $10?" Are you able to translate his Twiiter in Japanese and verify if he actually said this?

  3. Eri, my sister in law is Japanese and she wants to learn more about crypto currencies. Do you have a good Japanese You Tuber you can recommend that she watch and learn about crypto — I would recommend your channel but her English is very limited?

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