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Ripple XRP: Polysign 2022 Launch + BoA ALSO Criticizes CBDCs – More Info Suggests Globalist Worry

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Banks are about to get cleaned out. That is if they aren't allowed to create loans from the traditional fractional reserve system and aren't allowed to custody, buy and sell crypto. They're seeing CBDC as a direct to consumer product that would make them entirely obsolete.

  2. Yeah, yeah but that kind of growth is and have been held only for bitcoin. 65k for an asset has only happened to one and that same asset runs the entire market.holding onto other assets that are not bitcoin or Ethereum don't have a fucking chance in hell to grow to 4k,5k 65k. It's not fucking happening. And…even if it does, it will take so so so much money coming into the market that no money would be left to invest in any other asset. So, that analogy sucks ass. Very few, the chosen few knew about bitcoin in 2009, Ethereum in 2013, 2014 and could navigate the fuck cluster fuck in order to buy, sell, trade for xrp, an asset create by American that you could not buy anywhere in America

  3. What will be will be the final solution is in motion.The big question is why is a computer nerd pushing plant based meat on the world and owns most of the farmland in the united states and why is the muskrat trying to get to mars so damn fast?What agendas are unfolding before our very eyes.

  4. < At this moment I think a long in an overall bearish market is too risky.
    what's the point of hodl, will always be grateful to Edward I was only a newbie trader when I met him last year October. Now I'm more informed and experienced in the trading aspect of bitcoin, earning more than 1.9 btc every 2 weeks..,.

  5. They already have the bridge asset so that leaves only those who will play ball the way "they" the IMF, ECB and BIS want. JP Morgan, BOA and a few others will play but as for the others, not so much. The game is rigged and the table is tilted to push out the banks that are slow or not really wanting to play the game along with the retail investor.

  6. TPTB are teriffied of the number of unjabbed and have abandoned the idea of cbdcs. Stables coins will take their place providing public private partnerships. Governments are not innovators and the banks will not give up their status quo.

  7. I feel like a broken record but here it is again…KNOW WHAT YOU HOLD !! THEY WANT US TO DROP OUR POTENTIAL WEALTH BECAUSE THEY WANT TO KEEP THE ELITES, THE ONLY ELITES !!! Just buy and hold, $0.74 XRP is not gonna be available again after this bull run and when clarity comes through !! #fliptheswitch !!

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