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Ripple XRP Price Could Skyrocket After The Debate Vs Swift! Ripple Vs Swift Details

Daily XRP News

Ripple XRP could become the largest crypto with Swifts business.. but how will they get there?

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Daily XRP News
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  1. XRP is clearly the better option, Swift is dug in pretty deep because they have been around a lot longer and have established relationships. They are working on a faster payment line so I have heard but who's to know or say when that will be live I haven't researched yet. I'm all for XRP it's all I really hold but I feel things have gotten weird is the best way I can explain. It feels like all of the sudden there is this reversal of momentum towards adoption, like we are running into more pressure pushing back through negative stories in the media. If you look through enough crypto news lately the stories are turning negative in some spaces going against the momentum we once had. Not price momentum but the energy in the XRP space itself, seems off a bit. I don't know maybe it's just me, kinda burnt out on the good XRP news = price drop quagmire. Good vid Brad, caught you last night on the ZOO, good job for your first live face shot kuddos bro.

  2. Hi, lot of talk about SWIFT, I understand that the outgoing CEO is quite pro crypto, I wonder where he is going after swift, maybe over to RIPPLE? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least, then using his political connections we will just absorb swift, I also think that the head to head end of Jan will be a one horse race.

  3. BradsCrypto

    That s not important 10K banks and billions per day for swift?
    That s why ripple will never succeed you know why?
    Ripple is like a ferrari beautiful and promise outside but inside no one to conduct so no real value
    years at a ridiculous price +200 customers but ZERO value on the market,xrapid is live but no one want it because of the low price of the token,and you want banks to works with an asset at 0.30 cent years after years to transfer billions per day come one where do you live on mars?
    When XRP will/if stay stable at 500 1000 dollars and doesn't move at that time ripple will have the chance to compete with swift.
    For now swift gpi wins and by farrrrrrrrrr.

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