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Ripple XRP Price Could Stay High During The Next Bullrun With Liquidity

Daily XRP News

XRP Price could maintain very high after the next bullrun with xRapid Liquidity.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The price absolutely has to increase ….and you are right once Euro Exim goes live it will have a dominoes effect as the other banks will NEED to compete with the price and savings. HSBC has stated they are ready to go live with DLT for their cross border payments. We will see more than 1 bank go live in the 1st qtr…in my opinion!

  2. the only reason why the price of XRP will stay much higher is because with a low price a lot of people can buy and hodl an asset that solves bankproblems and with a high XRP-price you cannot buy a lot of XRP anymore

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