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Ripple XRP: Private Ledger FUD, Banks And Institutions Not Actually Using XRP?!

Daily XRP News

Some of the FUD has really been taking over lately in the XRP community. Let me know what you think below! ⬇️

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Daily XRP News
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  1. As investors, we must have an insight into what is happening in our investments because it is our money, that is often hard-earned … I am personally happy that, there are vigilant people in this community and talk about their thoughts especially when many people do not like it, because most people blindly follow, instead of seeing a different solution. Many people criticize Sam for telling about the private ledger. Unlike them, he see more broadly. They forgot already when they found out about xrp thanks to him and invested, with the hope of being millionaires in the future, and when they heard that something is wrong, they immediately hated him and started to criticize him, accusing him saying stupidity. Who does such things?

    I hope Sam dont give a fck about those haters and will stay with us. Anyway we can speculate till some news wont come out. As always time will tell.

  2. Sam brought up what needed to be addressed and im in his camp , nobody wants to hear what he had to say because it ruins their dreams but it needed to be brought up , nothing wrong with asking questions about your investments and it seems David Swuartz and Brad Garlinghouse are saying different things about the pvt ledger , Brad says they are using a pvt ledger and David says no their not so which is it ? things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm

  3. Sam is full of sxxt. Told all the sheeple many months ago not to believe in BB and RR cartoon vids or Sam trying to join up the dots. Forget all his price predictions. Told you all it wouldn’t hit $0.50 at Christmas. Sam says 589😂😂😂😂he’s now telling everyone over 2k by May😂😂😂😂
    Deluded fool. No one knows what price maybe. My guess $10 by Christmas 2019 assuming there’s no anomalies…….which there may be.

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