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Raising the Bar: Reporting on Volume and Sales of XRP
JUN 03, 2019
In recent months, several third-party sources have called into question reported volume in digital asset markets. The recent SEC report from Bitwise is perhaps the most widely cited, but several others, including the Blockchain Transparency Institute and Data Accountability & Transparency Alliance (DATA), have also issued reports suggesting exaggerated numbers and overall inaccuracy in the way data is reported—by up to 95 percent, according to Bitwise.

This might help, If you use the Japanese マネータップ (MoneyTap) + XRP + sbiホールディングス on google. You can many find articles and interviews where Mr. Kitao talks about Money Tap and the use of XRP. He’s the KING of interviews in Japan. I 100% concur with domestic part. xxoo

Bitcoin Ben and Matt @HammerToe Talk

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Eri San I watched Ben and Matt, very excellent and informative. Matt clarifies many misunderstandings of XRP while not too technical. Well done ✅

  2. Chibbi says if jungle was a cat he would be the coolist (after Mr chibbs of course)…🐈 and also that jungle Inc is judge jules (an ex radio 1 dj in the UK) long lost twin… must see photo!

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