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Ripple XRP: PROOF Hinman Speech Was Not “Personal Opinion” & Gensler Not Your Daddy 😂

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Senator Warren once again demonstrating how stupid she is. The government doesn't fix anything it doesn't help anyone it just gets in the way and sucks off of productive activity. More rules and regulations will make things slower and more expensive they're not going to magically lower gas fees SHEESH

  2. Warren has no problems with folks losing money in the stock market, paying absurd fees to trade on regulated exchanges and leaving their money to rot in the banks, while banks lend their borrowed money that we basically pay them to hold and lend. Thats all ok?

    Try and buy stock with 100$ on TD ameritrade. Watch it tank 10% the next day, go to sell it. Hmm, Sounds about the same. 20% of your investment went to fees and you still lost money.

    She is so out of touch with reality.

  3. venturing into the trading world without a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine..Lol, you would need a miracle, that why i trade with Mrs silver Alex,her skill is exceptional..

  4. You missed the 2018 one with the CME… The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is a big deal and where a lot of futures and derivatives are traded. Can you imagine where XRP would be if there was a /XRP and /MXRP futures product?

  5. Does anyone else get triggered listening to that Old Bag Warren talk about Crypto? Someone who doesnt understand blockchain technology should not open their big trap! God help us.

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