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Ripple XRP: Put Your Knives Away

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I finally started testing Skype to OBS using NDI so hopefully we will be able to get on a stream together in the near future.

  2. Hey Mate, great video, love the direction and aspects you have viewed here and am in total agreement.

    For once got to watch one of your videos with out getting pissed about the truth …… lol. Your awesome, great respect to you whether I am pissed at you or not, your opinion is always valid.

    Greetings South Africa

  3. Good video, Oz! It is interesting that there's been lots of misleading talk and reporting about XRP in recent weeks. My guess is that it's a response to the lack of "bull" action with XRP's price, that the rest of the market has seen during the past month or so. Whatever the reason, it's interesting.

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