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Ripple XRP: Questions About Ripple Pivoting Their Game Plan As SBI Acquires 10% Of Nomura

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  1. You do know that Governmental Representatives from China meet with The Ripple Team not that long ago, right? China is gonna want in on the IOV just like all the other Governments around the world. The level playing field is an attractive idea. People need to understand that Ripple is laying the ground work…..this takes time. There are alot of partnerships, but they have to wait in the wings till the ground work is finished being laid down.
    When Ripple has everything in place, the switch will be flipped and the RippleNet Ecosystem will be alive and running on the IOV. This is a process, it will take another 5 years maybe 7, just like Ripple has said many times.
    XRP is a long term HODL and if you do not understand this, you haven't been listening to Ripple.

  2. Hey did anyone get the warning from Ripple they were going to dump 550,000,000 million XRP on a single day just 2 days before the bank custody announcement? That is one big coincidence..LOL…..And you wonder why the price didn't hold the 200 DMA ? LOL….Brad G and Larsen must be Laughing at how easy it is to dump on noobs.

  3. I think bitcoin will hit 10k soon and that means we need to buy more and trade more. Josephine Raymond is helping me read signals and trade, so far the results has been amazing.

  4. xRP is for the XRPL for accounting between central banks. QNt is for everyone else. Everything ever.

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  6. The Fed said implementation is delayed for ISO20022 until 11/2022. Since banks don't have to comply until then, Rippled is directing efforts elsewhere. Ripple already has 350 major customers on the back burner until USofA is on board with ISO compliance.

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