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Ripple XRP Regulation Is Becoming Clearer Everyday! XRP Adoption Is Coming!

Daily XRP News

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XRP adoption will increase with price once we have the needed regulator framework…

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Funny how they say they work with regulators..yet they can’t get their shit together.. also ripple nipple is a US company yet Xrp is still in the pennies.. no wonder why jeb left this scammy company. Funny how Xrp community keep saying that Xrp is the standard yet the price is crap.. what a fucking joke.

  2. Banks and SEC are in no hurry , lets talk about Ripple using a pvt ledger and volume on why no price movement to the upside only the down side , feels like were being played .

  3. No, it will increase once all the XRP are bought out from escrow. Exchanges will take part in this.

    But yes, regulation needs to take place for this to happen. I agree

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