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Ripple ( XRP ) Ria News: 4 Billion Trans, 43,771 ATMs, ALL US Walmarts, Euronet Joins RippleNet

Daily XRP News

Ripple Partners with Ria Money Transfer to Power Instant Global Payments.
Ria Money Transfer, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, has joined RippleNet to enable instant, blockchain-powered global payments.

Ria Money Transfer Expands Domestic Payout With Walmart.

Ripplenet Brochure

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The news just keep getting exponentially better every day. Sounds like a huge win for both Ria and Ripple.

    I'm glad Ripple just keeps plugging away, relatively under the radar of most crypto investors, just focusing on expanding their network. The price can sit at $.30 until the end of the year for all I care as long as Ripple keeps signing up RippleNet members and increasing liquidity for the almighty XRapid. When XRP finially pops, it'll take most people by surprise; will be like a cork under pressure being released.

  2. Building A Solid Foundation For Mass Adoption… XRP Is Making To Where No Other Coin Can Compete With It 🙂 Once The Major Institutions Purchase, Use, Acquire More XRP The Average Person That Doubt XRP Is Going To Wish They Had More, But It Will Be Way To Late So The Time Is Now To Get More

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