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Ripple XRP: Ripple Challenges You To Do The Math On The Efficiency Of XRP

Daily XRP News

This video is made by Working Money Channel.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Soldiers….! In 2017 everything was speculation. Now, we are
    lightyears later and have real usecases. Everything is about the partneships. The
    best future for the projects, who have the best partners. And when you open
    your eyes,  there is no doubt, that this three
    are in the front:

    1.XRP (The Banks and money institutions, I guess you know

    2. IOTA (Bosch, Dell, Linux, Microsoft, Volkswagen, DnB,
    Fujitsu, ApplePay, Samsung Pay, STMicroelectronics)

    3. Link (Google and Oracle)

    I think we will see this three Coins/Tokens in 2020 in the
    top 5!!!

  2. Great presentation on the beginners guide to fiat to fiat exchange rate volatility WMC. As a Forex trader of many years and someone who regularly does overseas remittances, I can testify 100% as to how volatile the exchange rate shuffle is! Therefore, speed of money transfer is CRITICAL if you want to avoid getting gouged by exchange rates. Compare swift's 3 – 15 day transfers as opposed to Ripple's ODL 3sec – 3 min and there's no question as to who the overwhelmingly clear winner is with regards to cost savings. There is not a bank or financial institution out there that can afford to NOT use ODL….period.

  3. Swift transfer to Wells Fargo = 10 days.
    XRP transfer to USD – 3 seconds.
    Need we say more!!
    Thanks for all the great content. New Bearable Guy content?

  4. Dude that is not the amount of seconds in 1 day. Brad was talking over 3 sage. There is 86400 seconds in a day. You made this same error in your last vid. Dude you have a decent subscriber count now you need to be a little more thorough in your videos and do actual research. Like when you called bread token “bird” 🤦‍♂️

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