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Ripple XRP: Ripple Deletes 2015 PDFs Mentioning Central Banks & BearableGuy123 PayID Connection?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Hope to see a deeper understanding of PayID for us laymans coming soon… Such as is it solely for enterprise testing, as of now, or are consumers able to open an account without having to paste and copy script and delve into GitHub? I know you have an immense amount of stuff slated to cover with the progress of Ripple, but think you can cover a little bit of that from a consumer perspective, maybe a timeline going forward, or lack thereof yet…? Thanks, and as always, great stuff.

  2. I just had a thought that if your trying to gain adoption you don't want to be selling people hyped up priced tokens! Imagine how difficult it is trying to spread out the tokens to revalue everything ! While the value is already being driven up by us who see the future ! By the greedy who want alo't and by the greed of the old market ! If i were ripple i would want a lower price so everyone gains at the same time ! Everyone gains all debts can be theoretically paid off within the natural inflationary value initially ! Over time the price would begin to fall as prices on everyday good were more regulated ! To the fucking moon and back to low earth orbit is how i seeing it all play out !

  3. Xrp is on the move. While people are selling xrp for ADA and vechain. They going to miss the switch and feel dumb

  4. Why should vechain have value? Sounds like it's not a currency but just a method to track products. Also bad choice they are working in China as the world is moving away from China

  5. Imo bg knows more than we do. I think people take what he’s posted waaaay too far into fairytale land. But I think he’s undeniably given some legit info that, in order to know, you’d have to know more than most of us. Thanks 🙏 WMoney

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