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Ripple XRP: Ripple Had 50% Of India In 2018 Now They’re Looking To Take Over The “Majority Of India”

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Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
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  1. 1st. it was, XRP will not go up, then ripple goes from less then 1 cent to 20cents and then 3$.

    2nd. it was, X-rapid will never be used, then X-Rapid went liv.

    3rd. it was nobody will use XRP, then we had Momeygram, exchanges and banks and money related services coming forward saying good things about XRP and ILP.

    4.Now it is, XRP and ripple are scams.

    I wonder if most of those people never get tired of being wrong. it's like the people that spent years trying to fudding Bitcoin, never bought it and got slapped in the face once they realized that no matter of you bought BTC under 1$ or at 10$ or at 100$ when you had the chance, you would have still made a ton of money.

  2. Maybe they'll suggest rules for exchanges in the US (like no wash trading, spoofing, bogus sell walls, etc.) Then they'll be adopted domestically, and THEN exchanges worldwide that want to do business with the US will need to adopt the same standards. THEN ODL and XRP will have a buffer between manipulation trageted at BTC and the impact it has on other assets.

  3. Nothing is mentioned regarding the RIPPLE IPO…!!!???… Game is over the way we now it… sorry guys….This is not meant to be controversial guys… its business..!!! it changes the whole game…

  4. yo blind ass still cant see what RIPPLE is doing to XRP….or maybe u know an keep shilling xrp to get views an sell shirts…IF xrp crash ..i will make it my business to let the NYAG know about scammers like YOU and all the other xrp scammers who been profiting from people by shilling xrp

  5. Bankers will SLOW ROLL the adoption of XRP; they may already own ripple and are secretly using it to enhance profits while NOT passing the savings on to customers. The "regulation" excuse is to give them time to TAKEOVER the alternatives in order to preserve their monopoly.

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