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Ripple XRP: Ripple’s New Finastra Partnership & China Trying To Dislodge U.S. Dollar With Crypto

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. HELLO ? WAKEY WAKEY. are you kidding me? XRP escrow should go to the UN or IMF ? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME . NO COMMENT ON THIS???? that would be great huh? IMF/ world bank, bankrupting one country at a time, taking over assets and whole countries with their big loans and big interest rates that cannot be paid back … should have control of XRP,S escrow accounts .. COME ON … if you think this would be good well ……..tony vanetino .. whoever you are, and UN / IMF you can keep your grubby little thieving hands off of XRP ..

  2. I wonder how media can influence us with us not even noticing, take for instance the part they are saying 1 day is =270 000 seconds, that's wrong , but most of people wouldn't even notice, people don't care, they trust it's correct. i wonder how many mistakes or miss-leads we got from the news just to make a point stronger, Btw 1 day = 86 400 Seconds (little bit less seconds) than the article.
    I am all in into XRP, and this is not a critic of the video, it's just me thinking out loud. Good video as always!

  3. USA allied , EUROPE, JAPAN, South KOREA Australia etc will be using XRP as new world currency
    ETH used by RUSSIA, CHINA etc
    Bitcoin for the rest of the world as an intermediary asset to buy ETH or XRP

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