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Ripple XRP sales in Q1 2019 Up 31%, IMF to include cryptocurrency, SBI invest $15M Tangem, Bob Way

Daily XRP News

Ripple Sales of XRP are up 31% in Q1 2019

Watch Brad Kimes Live stream interview with Bob Way with discussion on XRP price.

Israeli company partners with Marshall Islands to launch digital currency. Neema is working with the tiny island nation to allay US regulatory concerns as well as solve technological and logistical issues, but plans to have coin on offer this year.

Tangem: Tangem Notes enable off–chain physical transactions — just hand over the card: zero fee, immediate validation, no digital trace.

XRParcade Escrow Summary

Brad Garlinghouse and Ross Leckow regarding the IMF holding a crypto-asset

Ripple David Schwartz / aka Joel Katz answers what is an XRP programmatic sale

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The Marshal Islands and we have the ADA MOU with nations in Africa. Dont discount the ability of ADA to also fill this space (not likely but anything is possible). No surprise the USA is not on your visa list.

  2. Hi Eri, I don’t understand!!?? when the sale is going strong and keep on growing quarter after quarter why is the price id still low and still falling down?? When you say there is a demand and sales is growing, price should also go up, but from what we see from last November it is falling and still continues to do so why???

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