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Ripple XRP: SBI Allies With Fukushima Bank & MoneyTap & Jaime Dimon Crypto BUY Signal!

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. And there were a thousand other coins which have fallen to the wayside BEFORE these new 3K cryptos arrived. I'm sure they will have the same levels of hype and speculation as before, but the facts remain. In order to make a successful jump from the crypto space to the real world, a digital asset REQUIRES two ingredients……UTILITY (solves a problem) and ADOPTION (mass use case).

    Any one of these two missing, it is PURE SPECULATION.

    To the best of my knowledge, XRP is the ONLY digital asset being endorsed by banking institutions and world central banks. Please if there are others, correct me.

  2. Jim Rogers has been saying that when the next economic financial crisis occurs, investors will initially start to migrate out of the stock markets into the US dollar. Rogers is saying dollar first, followed by precious metals, gold and silver. And as for the next crypto retail led bull-run, chances are, it will start in the Far East, just like it did last time. The Chinese are the BIGGEST buyers of crypto on the planet. Nothing moves quite like a Chinese pump. That recent 40% BTC increase in one day was totally down to the Chinese.

  3. WMC, you misunderstood. When J. Dimon said "The economy will prosper for the next 100 years" he meant for him, his descendants and his circle of fat cats….not for the hoi polloi peasants. 🤬

  4. How does Jaime Dimon keep his job? If his lips are moving, he is lying!! "I will fire anyone who I find buys BTC"…………all while JPM was the biggest buyer of BTC that week. He is scum!

  5. I think we will dump tomorrow based upon 2019's performance. I'll call it right now, no need to thank me tomorrow. This market is too immature and sensitive to the changes reflected on Coin Market Cap tomorrow. Why is nobody else saying this? Seriously guys you think we are Mooning Tomorrow?

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