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Ripple XRP: Scott Chamberlain REVEALS SEC’s Legal Tactic That Will Eventually SINK Them!

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. I love the xrp community. We are the best out there, but we need to make sure what we're putting out stands up to scrutiny. GG is stating that 75% of the market is not a security, but he clearly says that that is because btc and eth take up approx 70% of the whole market. He is not saying that 75% of all cryptos are not securities. Definitely two different things.

  2. I think that comment was missinterpreted, he clearly states that its 75% of the market value (market cap), not 75% of cryptocurrencies, as was clearly explained when he stated that BTC and ETH make up around 70% , leaving 5% of crypto's in market cap left, which could equate to only 1 or 2 other crypto's as not viewed as securities

  3. IF the United States sec prevails and has it declared as a security,how would that fair with the rest of the world,or at least with the countries that have already declared it as a currency,including the UK,Japan and Switzerland.Does anybody know ?

  4. Mr. Chamberlain has laid out the motive for the SEC prolonging this lawsuit. The SEC needed to hamper the ability of XRP to function in the US, so that ETH had as much time as possible to operate without competition.
    Another interesting thing that was said was that this lawsuit was essentially a WAR. Hmm, a WAR? Not the kind of terminology that you would expect to hear in connection with an agency whose purpose was to protect the consumer. Why a War? I think that when the truth comes out, we will find that everyone at the SEC that is promoting this "WAR", will have a monetary reason for doing so. No wonder the SEC was so opposed to the disclosure of what crypto was held, at the SEC.

  5. I think it's mostly about protecting the status of the USD as the reserve currency to the world. This is BIG POLITICS, with the fate of the whole American, indebted population at stake.

    Once XRP, and other settlement solutions, have neutralized the SWIFT transfer system, The US loses it's blockading power against foreign adversaries.

    Hence the very long, outdrawn deliberation.

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