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Ripple XRP: SEC Seeking Do-Over & Are These Pundits Telegraphing RippleNet Utility Before It Occurs?

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  2. The US has used the dollar and the SWIFT system as a weapon since 1971 along with the petrodollar to rob the world. Once you finally understand that, you will be able to understand why the BRICS nations want to dump the dollar and the SWIFT system. The BRICS nations are no fools and switching to crypto and the blockchain is the logical move to bypass SWIFT and the Dollar.

    There is much more to this Ukraine conflict than the public is being told and the US along with NATO have much to do with it. The US needs to lose reserve status in order to level the playing field but the US will do anything to keep the dollar as the reserve currency as the loss of that status would put the US in the position of a 3rd world country. The US farmed all of its industry overseas and now produces nothing but economic and military terror, its days are numbered. Any hope for the US died in 2001 and not by any imaginary ME people with box cutters that were found to be alive 6 months later. You would do well to read Pawns In The Game by William Guy Carr, it will help you understand what is really going on.

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