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Ripple XRP: Secret Message In Last Bitcoin Block & GoMama Prefers Ripple Over Stellar

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  1. Your logic is dishonest. You aren’t taking into account the drop from all time highs. Any idiot can read through that

  2. Lol, granted Xrp just has to go by few cents to double. However it’s already playing lost battle, as Btc is half of it’s all time high. If you Really follow Btc, then Xrp should currently be $1.80. And it’s in dumps.. Xrp is in dumps seriously, bail while you still have chance.

    It would be “as always” – Da worst performing asset.. Some people are really delusional When it comes to ripple and Xrp.

  3. @2:56 Bitcoin didn’t make new ATH’s in July 2016. The previous ATH’s was in 2013 when Bitcoin was over $1,200. In July 2016 at the halving Bitcoin price was around $600.

  4. Google Trends indicates that people actively look for information about what the Bitcoin halving is. The event for the network is undoubtedly positive, and if not now, it will promote purchases in the foreseeable future. There are increasing signs that Bitcoin is being chosen as an alternative to fiat currencies. The sudden price drop to 8,7OOusd on May IO led the formation to break, technically leaving Bitcoin vulnerable to a severe correction. At the time,Prominent trader Dr.Carlos said that the market observed a strong shakeout. I'm already at about a 6K loss from the recent drop, i was up by 27k last week. I've made a lot of mistakes trading by myself till i decided to try the using professional guidance. Dr.Carlos Pedro has been my mentor for 5months now, and from just following his teachings and copying his patterns I have stacked over 73btc in this-time-frame . if you need coaching or trading Knowledge.He can be reached through watsaap—+I {865}276_6999 ON Telegram__ @Carlos434 }Good luck everyone 🙂 We’re “Halving” such a great time.

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