Ripple XRP Should Ripple burn 50% of XRP. Poloniex added XRP / USD Pair Backed by Goldman sachs

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Maaaaan, I told you, do short videos because your channel won't grow like this.Other channels are leaving you behind because your videos are too long. Just an advise mate. I recon if you do only 2 live streams per week and daily 10 min videos you will gain more people for sure. Best

  2. Excellent idea! All XRP investors should get involved in petitions to get a substantial portion of the XRP supply burned. Such action will obviously shorten the time frame for XRP to trade at a more decent and relevant price. XRP investors deserve this!

  3. A solution is needed. Either increase in demand or decrease in supply is needed. Since it will take time to drive demand to xrp then the alternatives are :

    1) A certain amount of XRP (as much as possible) can be burnt and this amount will be compansated by the increase in price for the sake of transactions.
    2) Monthly escrow sale can be limited to 50-100 m till demand is created.
    3) Sales can be stopped or limited and available XRP can bu used provide liquidity to the necessary corridors.
    4) Ripple can distribute a certain amount of XRP to each wallet having 20 XRP and even this can create demand.
    5) Ripple can preferably postpone or just limit (as in 2) XRP sales 3-5 years or till huge demand is created and sell the rest at a higher price if they also believe the project as much as we do.

    Ripple has considerable amount of funds to develop an XRP ecosystem and could manage without selling for a certain period of time. With the data available, possible alternatives are these. If Xrp in the escrow will be given to WB, IMF, FED or etc… and we are unaware of it then that is wait and see.

    For now, it is for sure that there is an imbalance between supply and demand and must be taken care of which will be beneficial to us all and especially to Ripple as the largest holder.

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