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Ripple XRP: Sibos Conference Is Swift Giving Up ???

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Has anyone thought about the connection of ripples name and its products names? I wanted to put together little story that opens up a connection about names of Ripple products and how it relates to water, and how it takes over the World. Explanations of words at bottom of message.

    Story to explain the connections:
    First it was only Drops of rain. But those drops were coming one after another, hit the ground making ripples first. The water got Suck by ground, they created underground tanks of water which then came back up and formed Wells and Springs, springs got flood of water and formed currents of rivers, and those Rivers ware gaining momentum, and so formed Rapids to those rivers. At those rapids, the volume was so high, it started raising the Waters itself, and it started to flood over to river of Banks. Sooner rather than later, those Waters raised completely over the Banks, and formed oceans. Rivers and Currents with their rapids connected those rivers and became Vias of the world. And those oceans are too big to dam, too much to control, therefore they just are.

    Terminolgy, you can check from wikipedia or google "Word definition"

    Drop = Smallest unit of XRP, base unit of water
    Ripple = Little waves

    xCurrent =
    a body of water or air moving in a definite direction, especially through a surrounding body of water or air in which there is less movement.

    xRapid = A rapid is a section of a river with turbulent water flow.

    xSpring = Spring of water (spring water)
    sWell (Wells of water)

    Banks of river = Banks are the financial institutions that systems will be flood over. Banks name originates actually from this theme, as Banks (of river) control the flow (of money). according to internet, so even old system had this water terminology. Liquidity, banks ect…

    Via = Roman roads (Latin: viae Romanae IPA: [ˈwjjae̯ ˈrɔːmaːnae̯]; singular: via Romana IPA: [ˈwjja rɔːˈmaːna]; meaning "Roman way") were physical infrastructure vital to the maintenance and development of the Roman state,

  2. I actually think you're WAAAAYYYYY off in your assessment and that you're reaching for clues that just are NOT there. It's a huge disappointment that SWIFT and Ripple did not/have not partnered. And, the SWIFT CEO was not "throwing up the white flag" — he clearly said they are two to three years from having a product of the SAME scale — they intend to COMPETE with Ripple. Bottom line is, SWIFT has THOUSANDS of banking partners. Ripple has FOUR ready to use XRapid. SWIFT, I am sure, can talk most of their partners into waiting for their own system to catch up since its already in place. I have XRP, I'm a fan of XRP and Ripple, but I'm also a realist! I'm holding, but I'm certainly not uber excited — the price has remained stagnant for weeks now.

  3. " Using blockchain technology and the Stellar protocol, IBM Blockchain World Wire makes it possible for financial institutions to clear and settle cross-border payments in seconds." In my view XRP has lost the battle for now . SWIFT has already chosen IBM World Wire for partner that is doing business with over 95% of banks and financial carporation and Stellar Lumen blockchain will be used which is as fast as XRP block chain if not faster . Stellar Lumen seem to be more versatile and many different asset can be traded on that block chain. It is time to stop XRP hype and wait until we see some result . Lot of biased news is not helping investor to make informed decision .

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