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Ripple XRP: Simple “Engine & Oil Sump” Analogy Explains Possible XRP Price Theory

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  1. Oil sump analogy is good but incomplete . The problem is that oil sump holds lot of oil (44 B XRP) and the engine that uses oil is lawn mower engine (remittance market) . That tiny engine can not possibly use all the oil but Ripple and the gang keep pouring more oil and it keeps accumulating in the sump . That sump is huge size (100 B XRP). Only way it could be used if much bigger engine is installed (CBP and FX market) . Other way to remove that oil from sump and stored (HODL) somewhere else . In conclusion there is too much oil supply to lubricate that tiny engine . It is going to take lot of time to get new bigger engine to use all that oil in the sump . Currently that small engine is doing fine and it is under utilized . It is catch 22 situation , there is no need for huge engine yet because small engine has not reached to its capacity . The amount of total supply is mind boggling and the current price of XRP is reflecting that . Do not expect price to move too much until utility transaction volume approaches $100 billion per day . Some day it may reach that volume but you have to figure out that day . It is true there is limited supply of XRP but it is like saying there is limited supply of water in the ocean , one can remove lot of water from ocean without affecting ocean very much . XRP has already been decoupled from BTC since Jan.2019 . That time 1 bitcoin could be bought by about 10000 XRP and now you need about 48000 XRP to buy the same bitcoin . Guys be objective in your analysis and do not try to make excuses for the price . There is not any problem with XRP as technology . It is simply supply and demand for the present time . Hopium will not affect the price -vely or +vely , it only affects your judgement . Good Luck .

  2. Hey dude, I’ve been watching your videos for almost 2 years and I feel like a huge idiot because I’ve never left a comment or thumbs up but I just want to say you the man.👊 I appreciate all the content especially when I’m at work. I like to listen as I work. Super informative. keep up the great work and thank you again.

  3. running out of reasons for xrp to not rise in price. The Big Banks and financial interests are SLOW ROLLING the adoption until they get control of enough XRP to maintain their banking monopoly and usury. The can delay for quite some time, since they OWN the regulators.

  4. Hello working money, I was wondering if you heard of anyone having issues sending BTC from Nano S to an exchange, in my case (Kraken)?

  5. Another way to picture the way it works, is that we are sheep, who are constantly fed grass, who then are taken into the shed to be fleeced, as for the farmer to on sell our fleece to closed markets to sustain himself. And we sheep are returned to the field for the process to repeat.

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