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Ripple / XRP Smart Money And The Bitcoin Crypto Mega Trend

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Just think how illegal that was to banned gold and tell everybody to turn in your gold are face 10 years in prison I mean unless you were an outlaw you had to turn it in are face jail thats completely outrageous and down right criminal, I have been hearing a lot of people talking about STO security tokens and they dont mention the rules to get a security which is that you have to be a acreditted investor I believe people think it will be like a ico which is the farthest thing from the truth being an acreditted investor is a way to keep certain people from getting in on the ground floor and it needs to be explained so those who dont know understand, I think we need regulations its know way around them but once it happens it will put control back in the hands of the very people who have it now and its ashame things are like they are, I could see the same thing that happen in 1933 happening again that's why I believe to get in asap and have a ledger is very important, if things do get tight at least you can wait it out because exchanges here in America will be banks and your tokens will be able to be froze for any reason, binance is changing here in America but they have already made their money so to go along with the curupt system now is easy thats why the American exchange will be very different from what we are use to it will be a bank and everything will be monitored not for our safety but for the powers that be to get their portion and any thing that seems odd will be put on hold for however long they please it might even be more difficult to transfer your assets to a ledger I can see it now so my advice would be everyone get all your going to get before the change if you buy from binance and get a ledger so hopefully you can beat the system before it starts

  2. A number of renowned crypto trader and analysts including Robbert Wiegman and Josh Rager have reinstated in their statements the fact that the bitcoin after its revival from $9,400 is set to open doors for $14,000 once resistance at $12,000 is broken. Their advice and mine is to use this time to accumulate more now than ever and to do this, its easiest copying the trades of such great traders and benefiting from their expertise which was what i did when i started using trade signals from Robbert Wiegman which ironically are very easy to implement and also among the most accurate. In 2 weeks, i had grown just 2btc's into about 5btc's which is an incredible growth rate even among experts. Robbert can be reached by mail (robbertwiegman@gmailcom) for both training as well as guide using his signals and trade patterns

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