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Ripple XRP: SnapSwap CEO Discusses Benefits Of XRP & 295 Million Spark Tokens To Be Claimed So Far

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  1. Finally just got XRP toolkit to accept my ledger for the spark tokens, super stoked. I still have questions for them though, does it automatically keep track of the XRP I'm still adding to my ledger before the snapshot? Also, where does the spark go? Into my XRP wallet? It's own wallet on the ledger? I'm not sure they have even said anything about that yet but I'll keep watching.

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  3. "NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE" psychopaths keeps doing the same thing expecting different outcomes. It's time to wake up. Is this NWO or Nesara Gesara? Know the difference folks.

  4. The snow ball started even though billions cant see it most wont see lucky for us we've had our eyes on it all the while many alts have pumped but will they have a ripple effect that is global

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