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Ripple XRP: So Is Bakkt A Flop Or A Success? & HSBC Says XRP Ledger Is A “Game Changer”

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Those who thought it would be like a flip of a switch is delusional. I’m set on any crypto I will ever buy. We shall see what it does in the future. I may sell and trade for other coins but sinking more $ into crypto won’t happen.

  2. People have lost a lot of money on crypto…They are all out and do not trust it anymore…..That is a big problem for mass adoption ever…🤔

  3. Lets say that ripple coins are like Amazon stock for example. The core of top executives and founders since 2017 2018 sold some of there personal reserves to stuff mass millions in their bank accounts and own a big house.
    Now we know that the company has a mass reserve that is for business funding ( project funding ).
    Why has the owners like savage beasts continue to dump there personal reserves at the allowed monthly max totals at .27 cents to .35 cents. They have already stuffed mass millions in there bank accounts. Why not wait until 2023 when ripple is worth $25.00 dollars a coin. The reason is they collectively don't believe ripple coin has a future. They know that it's a free atm machine and the companies wealth is all about banks using xrapid. Now nobody can see the future so it's possible that ripple coin might succeed and they will somewhat regret selling at cheap prices. But it's a red flag to see top executives selling there allowed monthly maxes at these prices. Please google what ripple executives are allowed to dump monthly in the personal reserves not company reserves. Here's my final 2023 prediction. There will be a global lawsuit against Xrp for misleading investers if the coin never passes .70 cents lets say in the next 3 years.

  4. LOOK LET ME TELL YOU ALL THE TRUTH! Nothing is going to move until all main pocketed exchanges are established FIRST. When everything is said and done no one person "basically" will be able to afford to open an exchange "that is the end goal" but still no government control however they will keep tabs, kinda like a zoo. (any government employee knows they like paperwork, even if they do not understand it. lol anyhoo) . SO it is just like a casino and the grounds need to hold cold cash in hand to back the poker chip on the grounds. Right now a rich Joe schmoes can afford 100000 bitcoins. Anyone could potentially open exchange morally good or bad. So the change is slow not to shock the weak because of the unknown will make such a big difference in this world. Nothing will jump now or in the near future it would turn a exchange into having power to "over throw the baby sitter or make into a type of monopoly business give or take those lines. This Is a very bleak explanation but I hope this helps. Please any holes in my theory go ahead and poke. lol … I am here to learn!

  5. BAKKT is not going to be a huge deal as institutions are no investors, only speculators. Speculators have no interest in physical delivery of btc.

  6. With the launching of bakkt, bitcoin is set to make a big upswing move and the hopes that the digital asset would reach $50,000 by 2022 is not farfetched anymore but very feasible. The blockchain technology is a blessing for those who takes advantage of its dynamics and invest right. I have been able to amass a very impressive number of bitcoins, a small portion by dollar cost averaging while the larger part of it by trading with Caleb Easterby’s signals. Crypto signals are trade suggestions or ideas for buying or selling a specific coin at a certain time and price and Caleb excels at generating them with extremely high accuracy. I know this because within 3 weeks of trading with his signals, I had made over 400% return on investment in bitcoins. He can be reached by mail (calebeasterby1190 @ gmailcom.) for his expert opinion on crypto related matters and signals of course.

  7. Institutions do like and are quite bullish on bitcoin. They are just unable to get into the markets the way theyd like to. Lets just say jpm wanted buy 10000 btc. Do you have any idea what would happen? They would liquidate every short out there and the price would sky rocket like weve never seen before making it impossible for them to buy more

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