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Ripple & XRP Stablecoin OCC Classification NOT Bad For XRP If XRP Is Stable At $50 For Example

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Xrp will not work as needed at a low price.. This has been stated over and over again.. Just stop trying to guess the prices.. It will go as high as they need it when the time comes.. Won't work at $50 too low.

  2. someone way higher than you n me..who makes’ it a stable coin – imf ? imf steps in n says yep-$1000/xrp. problem is its property of the imf, like an sdr. reg people cant have sdr. so we have to fess it up. jus like gold in 1933… lets hope we get a healthy return if they mandate it back🙏🏻😬😎

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