Ripple XRP: The Case for A 100K BTC, XVia Confirmed With MoneyGram & Trolls Are Too Dumb To Get It

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Most people don't have the patience to attain wealth, they want it as quick as high speed internet! All they see is $$$ and not what XRP and crypto are actually doing to change global commerce and the world financial system.

  2. There are a few simple investment rules to follow: keep your money in cash or equivalent if you need to spend it in the next two years. If you need your money in 2-5 years, use bonds, property funds or similar and if you do not need your money for 7 years plus, look to the stock markets to get growth. The more volatile the investment, the more time you need to generate higher return. Digital assets are more volatile than equities so your time horizon to attain real returns needs to be longer. Gamblers throw money at an asset that can go up or down by 50% plus, investors do their fundamental analyses and then only invest money they will not need for the requisite time frame. Invest prudently, look at the traction the asset is gaining and back an asset which shows long term promise and sustainability. For me XRP ticks the right boxes, has the right solidity and is gaining momentum. My only concern is that Ripple is sitting on huge volumes of XRP which they may use to do deals at a discount to the current market price and thus the coin may take a long time to fully realise its potential

  3. There is no case for anything other than a $0 Bitcoin. Well, maybe a small space for antique enthusiasts. Why the fuck anyone would want to buy a horse with a broken leg when cars are affordable is beyond me.

  4. Is it trolling to ask a pretty basic question – if XRP is going to $10 or more, why are Ripple, Chris Larson, Jed Mcaleb, Brad G and David Schwartz selling upwards of a billion XRP every month for .30 cents with no plan to stop? They have been selling this amount for over 3 years and have generated over 2.5billion dollars and yet they continue to sell. Retail XRP investors should be curious as to why. If they believe in the project and know it will be successful, why continue to sell for pennies, especially AFTER securing enough for Ripple operational cost and laying of infrastructure rails many times over.

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