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  1. My first downvote after hundreds of ups. OZ what happened to your channel? Why the shift to these dumbed down, short vids for beginners? So many YouTubers do this and now you’re following suit. I subbed to your channel because you bring a much more intellectual, deep and lengthy explanation to your subjects but now that seems to have been replaced with the above. With all due respect, that’s not your niche. The way your brain works is on another level to most YT’s. You should embrace that, know that and use it to your advantage. The reason your subs are low is because most people who watch your content don’t understand the language you use to construct your sentences. Cutting your vids down by 75% doesn’t help people digest your content. The people who enjoy your language enjoy the 10-15 min explanations that take us to a depth that peak our interest. Please know your audience because when the next bull kicks people will naturally flock to your intellectual, natural and meaningful videos. Please don’t make vids for stupid people because 9/10 YT’s are doing that job already.

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