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Ripple & XRP: The Only Company Behind A Particular Crypto Lobbying Washington. Let That Sink In.

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. have you all forgotten about Litecoin cash it will take nothing to get this coin to a dollar and it only a few cents now. Do the math total supply is 722,343,700 and a market cap of 20 million. This is a no-brainer plus the branding of litecoin its self.

  2. Tenio is a seriously dodgy company. Declan Kelly’s brother is a member of the Irish parliament and the Leader of the Far-Left Labour Party.

    I won’t care if XRP goes to $20 but the fact they are involved makes me feel a weird.

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  4. 8:37 NY Times refers to "TECTONIC SHIFT" those are words Chris Larsen used in a very early interview in 2010-2011 w/ Opencoin AKA Ripple that refers to MOONOCLOCK End Game is CLOSE!

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