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Ripple XRP: The Paradigm Shift Of Banking Is Beginning This Quarter

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Alex, Love the dialogue delivery, to the point, short and sweet.
    Keep up the good work. And remember, keep yourself focused on learning about financial markets. Good wishes and have a blessed day!

  2. Wow! This hype machine has been going for months…to what end? XRP has collapsed nearly 50% since xRapid launched which turned out to be a total failure. How many billions of XRP has Brad Garlinghouse given to himself, Ripple execs, Institutions?? Even with all the hype by these video bloggers, XRP has still collapsed. I wonder how much money Brad G has pocketed with each small run? #XRPscam

  3. Why is XRP only promoted as being for bankers international transfers? Couldn't it also be the top coin for retail transactions and international transfers of individuals sending money to friends and famiy? Many expats use Western Union and get screwed on each transaction. In fact I believe that WU is using XRP now but will probably not pass on their savings to customers. Why can't XRP also be used by individuals to cut out the middle men? All that is needed is for the receiver have an account in an exchange that allows him to convert XRP to the local fiat or even an ATM. XRP is so far ahead i believe that with a little promotion of this it could become the "One Coin To Rule Them All." Just my humble opinion.

  4. Yet Xrp is still in the cents.. fucking joke.. scam fucking stupid ass people like u.. don’t get you’re being scammed fuck brad fuck Chris fuck ripple

  5. Alex β€œdoesn’t care” about the price right now as he has confidence in its future value. People don’t take everything so seriously, it wouldn’t be healthy for the xrp ecosystem if the price mooned overnight and then dumped again over a year span!
    I love how people say that fiat currency is a lie and fake money when all they want is Xrp to moon and then sell back to their fiatπŸ˜‚! XRP one day will be valuable and hold its value through deflation

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