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Ripple XRP: The Ripple IPO – Should I Sell XRP And Buy Ripple Stock Instead?

This video is made by Working Money Channel.

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  1. Heeeeeeey guuuuuuuyyyyssss! I have to apologize if the video audio and picture are out of sync somewhat. I had originally recorded this video this morning and for some reason, my computer didn't record the video with the audio…soooo…I had to re-record video manually with time code and re-sync manually, meaning, it's not a perfect sync because I wanted to get this out to you quickly. Hope everybody feelin' A-ok this morning! 😉

  2. so, great thoughts here. What is Ripple goes to IPO, makes the $$$ and then acquires SWIFT and all of SWIFTS access. Then, the dream or plan of XRP per its offer is met… $10,000 per coin as it was planned. This IPO could be that bridge to our future Ripple XRP success and I would say, hold 100 coin for the 10,000 a coin market to get 1 million. That is investing $23 to get 100 coin at .23 cents now, but when it shoots and scores, it hits 10k…. or 100 makes a million. you want 100 million, buy 2300 in coin. math… it is addictive

  3. This is great news. Buy Ripple stock if you can but don't sell your XRP to do that. Both are going up. You will regret selling your XRP to early, especially if you are selling it to buy Ripple stock. Too many overly emotionally and financially illiterate investors whining about this who have no idea how scaling works.

  4. You fools need to watch this
    A bad thing? The returns on crypto dwarf that of the stock exchange, sure investors will invest in a double or triple digit ripple stock, but for what, modest returns of 15% annually? negative, they will invest in that double or triple digit stock, borrow against that investment and put the borrowed dollars into XRP for much larger gains, which is trading at pennies! investing in ripple and boosting that investment with ANOTHER investment into the same company, WHAT ARE YOU MISSING FOLKS?!?!? Investors can almost guarantee returns by investing into ripple AND XRP since ripples value is based on XRP!!!!

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