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  1. does anyone know how the crypto from these hacks such as the recent Bitrue hack get laundered if these wallets and assets can be tracked ?

  2. I am so glad I hav an opportunity to listen to you, crypto Erie and dai. Really can’t listen to other hype/YouTububers. Keep it up. Be original as you are. Thank you

  3. I will till support the XRP army but get the feeling that the vdos are getting old and most of the tubers are actually realizing that they could be wrong. Personally, I've moved a lot of my XRP, accumulated mostly over 2 years ago, into Bitcoin. Too many here, like the BTC army are blinkered. None of the usuals have commented on this vdo –

  4. What are your feelings on what Peter Zacharias says that we never hit targets and the run we looked like we were going to go on has fallen flat and we arent going up any time soon.

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