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Ripple XRP: The Twitter Hack – What We Know & Was It More Than Just About Crypto?

This video is made by Working Money Channel.

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  1. Hey WM, Great Vids, as usual, I don't see the -Video You Said You'd Post In Resources in your last video on-Civic Wallet about global id and one world currency. May I have The Link Please? Many Thanks!

  2. Everything on the web can be tracked through IPs, MAC addresses and blockchain, yet no-one can track down the "hackers". It's all a big mystery. Funny how I was able to track down my scammer on LinkedIn to Chennai a few years ago. I must be smarter than the FBI.

  3. It's more proof of why the digital everytime is a worse corruption at a astronomical price than doing things manually and with some silver or gold backed currency.😠

  4. It sure seems like the different cryptos are all being consolidated through partnerships.
    People, How is a corporate controlled expensive digital reality better than a corporate controlled paper money that you don't directly have to pay to use. A: if it goes to zero you can still use it for asswipe and then burn it to start your fire to cook some food.

  5. As long as people can hold things of value other people will figure out ways to liberate that value from them.
    crypto provides the latest greatest way to do that. with crypto it's easy to have massive value transferred to you quickly with little effort.
    but once any enthusiast finally realizes that you never send anything out to any crypto promotion, they are permanently shielded from this kind of loss.
    hell, even if the real people themselves on those accounts told me to send coins out I wouldn't. I take enough risk as it is.

  6. Oh so when a bank gets robbed does the value of the dollar drop? Oh wait the dollar doesn’t need help with that. Please. The story should be this. Centralized twitter hacked. Bitcoin wasn’t stollen – is was given away by morons who got duped.

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