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Ripple XRP: There Is Still Time For XRP Price To Rise Before SWELL On November 7-8

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. There will be no swell pump. If anything it’s going to crash hard af. So tired of waiting for this shit to move. I’d rather watch paint dry Atleast it actually does something

  2. I like btc…A LOT. But I ❤ xrp!
    I could care less about any swell pump or dump. When utility kicks in and corridors are open we won't look back.

  3. The fact that we're not seeing a pump yet before swell is a very encouraging sign. A bump in price after swell due to positive announcements will be better for long term price instead of a pump and dump like years before.

    A slow rise in price based on fundamentals is what we need to start seeing.

  4. Wow reading some of these comments, most people are so negative about Xrp. Everyone wanted to be Millionaires and now since this has not happened everyone has flipped their opinions. Thats a sound like a sound investment plan listen to youtubers and get pissed off when shit does not go the way you thought. Most investors that make real money plan for the long term meaning 5 to 10 years out. If you do not believe in Xrp as an investment don't bitch about it either don't buy it or sell whatever bags you have. Some people wonder why they are in the 99% class thats because they do not have the stamina and fortitude to stay in the race when things seem bleak. Whether Swell has a big announcement or not who cares, i didn't buy Xrp based on Swell announcements i bought it based on tech and use case. There is not another crypto with this much what is the word i hear people using (HYPE) in the space right now. So if you don't believe the (HYPE) don't buy Xrp plain and simple.

  5. The YouTube XRP team are going to Swell for a reason……to bring back and explain the treasures of XRP to us all. Why else would they have been invited? Big things coming folks.

  6. Moneygram and sbi holdings need to open new many corridors around the world only this will skyrocket the price of xrp in the upcoming months

  7. You are harming the perception of XRP by pushing for the need for a pump in price just because SWELL is coming up. Your approach is infantile and does not legitimize the space when your perspective looks toward pure speculation as the reason for a pump. It is whitepaper thinking that has no place in what XRP or Ripple is achieving. What is important is XRP accelerating in upwards price due to the news released at SWELL. Price based on actual utility and progress in that implementation is extremely important. XRP is one of the only assets in the space that should rise off of these characteristics. I am writing this because it irks me when I see fools pushing influence for things that are actually harmful to the space. If you are not setting expectations in line with adult utility thinking then you are priming people for disappointment if there is no pump prior to SWELL. It is this kind of nonsense thinking that leads to a psychological dump if your whitepaper speculative pump doesn't happen prior to Ripple's conference. XRP will be massive and transformative in the financial space but we need logical people talking about it. Not 2017 whitepaper speculative nonsense.

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