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Ripple/XRP To Explode B/C Brexit Is A Catalyst For Financial Instability On October 31st

Daily XRP News

This video is made by The Bearable Bull.

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Daily XRP News
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  1. What's funny is that most people won't even know there is an official recession until near the end of it, when the media finally tells them and keeps telling them. So it will most likely take at least a year before the mainstream media tells Americans that there is a recession and fuels boomers to panic sell and really tank the stock market. Then the wealthy will buy everything up for cheap. Except bitcoin, which won't be cheap., My only advice for investors and new bees is to take advantage of Mr Jose’s program, he made a great impact to so many young crypto investors since last year, some said he has the best strategy to trade Bitcoin,I was tired of Gdax and Binance small profits I was getting, so I reached out to him and he gave me the best tips to excel in the world of Crypto. Now I don’t just Hodl, I make more gains, after 2months I can Boost of increasing my Portfolio from 1.2BTC to 9.7BTC all Thanks to Jose amaury system you all reach him on <<Joseamaury240@gmail-com. or WhatsApp +1 845 400-7574>> or Via Telegram <<@Jose126>> I believe this will be more useful to those that want to increase their portfolio good luck.

  2. @ The Bearable Bull What makes you certain they won't push XRP at the brink of collapse instead of afterwards? By unrolling the solution before the end will accomplish the same objectives without any of the collateral of a global recession. I'm not saying you are wrong because you could very well be right but it just seems like a better play to come right to the edge of disaster and solving it instead of actually going through the disaster. Unless there are targets they plan to take out with a global recession. Makes no difference to me because my mortgage has a fixed interest, vehicle is paid off, and I work the oil industry so I will roll through this with minimal troubles. I'm just interested in discussing the topic at hand. I pray for all Americans that it isn't to hard on them.

  3. Reset the world and prep it for the New World Order. Use XRP as the tool the Bible states that you need to buy goods… I hope it’s not the mark but be open minded

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