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Ripple XRP: Tom Emmer Confident A New Day Is Coming For Crypto & Gary Gensler Will Lose Power

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Oh yeah, it’s all Biden’s fault, hahaha! Look up who put Jay Clayton in and what he did. Repubs aren’t about to just save crypto, they’re talking it up for votes, and when they get elected and they banking buddies ask them to slow the progress of crypto, guess who they’re really going to protect…

  2. SURE,lol. Because Clayton and Hinman were Biden appointees! oh wait, they were Trump Appointees… so much for that. But don't worry, after they win Congress… then it will be "when we win the White House in 2024, then we will do something!"

  3. Bro I love you but there's no way it's gonna wait until November they both know they're gonna agree on it and they know that they just told everybody so I'm pretty sure it'll pop in September and then nobody will be able to afford to get in in November but our bags are packed🐸🙏

  4. Tom Emmers of US CONGRESS says Gensler will lose and Emmers will keep his seat, er, crypto will win!!!…but only if the republican party gains control of the house!!! So make sure you RUN TO THOSE POLLS GUYS and help Tom Emmers keep his seat…er…support crypto!!

    Because trust me Emmers is a GOOD GUY who wants to keep his seat…er….help you gain your financial freedom.

    Congrats everybody…we needed regulations, right? And all the bureaucracy, red tape and lobbying that comes along with it!

    F**k You

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  6. Always good< to hear your thoughtful and logical analysis. So a Dead Cat Bounce is sorta that 1 small surge when it hits "a" bottom, but after it comes back down, it settles into a new lower bottom? Because i think I remember the term. As traders we can still make good money, I trade with ROBERT RUSSEL DANIEL, his skills set is exceptional. I am already growing my 2.3 btc to 9 btc.

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