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Ripple XRP: Top 4 Remittance Companies Using Ripple and XRP!!! Exchange Hack Theory?

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  1. I would have to agree with the previous post your age is telling on you. CZ was also clear about being insured. The type of insurance he has does not play around. There goal is to find and recover the asset they insure be it fine art or bitcoin.

  2. Yes it seems like a inside source may have been apart of the hack but the safu accounts have been in place for over 9 months now and to avoid any more bad press he said they would eat the loss as quickly as they did for that reason I believe

  3. amex, moneygram, SAAB, bank of england, head of the IMF pro Ripple, meeting with the Whitehouse, nasdaq. This just looking at the surface not even scratching it.

    swift was the discman and GPI is the mp3 player……ripple and the XRP utility is Spotify. This is the tech path of least resistance and most convenience that saves so much on international transfers it made swift afraid.

    Swift is the dvd player and ripple/ xrp is netflix

    The reasons why I make these comments is because you have to look in the last 20 years of tech, when something new, faster, easier comes along it usually takes over. This tech can save millions and over times billions in fees. Regulation is the key.

    If you choose not do research and constantly write silly anti xrp garbage on forums and comment sections, you will have no one to blame bar yourself for ignoring the potential investment in front of you. It is as simple as that. If you are hyper anti XRP, just drop the bias and read up on this stuff. Have a look at whats going on in the space.

    Yeah the price is stagnant, amazon traded between roughly 20 to 30 dollars for near 5 years. Now its 1900. People in crypto want instant gains………I think those who remain patient will be the major winners in the space.

  4. no sorry man, they make 40 million in a few weeks. they have to shut down, not to mention the loss of confidence could cost them ten times as much

  5. Why price not moving after even after mass adoption ? Do you have any answer?? Tired of holding this shit.

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