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Ripple XRP: UPDATE 🚨 DID CRYPTO GET SCREWED? Ted Cruz & Cynthia Lummis’ 10:30pm SUNDAY Aug. 8 Report

Daily XRP News

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Daily XRP News
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  1. The corrupt bankers have screwed the people again, they were never going down without fighting when they have the rights to steal around 87% of your money all day every day

  2. Have any of you heard of BabyCake? I've seen a lot of people talking about them and the app they're building. I've read up some great things about them and their chart is nothing but bullish.

  3. It's definitely about stifling wealth of common people and killing any competition to CBDC and almighty dollar. It's a threat to central banks.

  4. I am SO upset that Ted Cruz is on my side and Elizabeth Warren is not. I'm in the UK but from the US… have no idea why the US is trying to dump all their interests in crypto. Seems so short-sighted. I would expect republicans to track this onto a necessary infrastructure bill… not the democrats. We need a third party… the anti-corruption party.

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