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Ripple XRP: Visa Buys Ripple Partner Earthport! HUGE NEWS

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Why youtubers are getting so excited about this is ridiculous. VISA is buying a partner of Ripple. How does this benefit Ripple or XRP exactly? If they were buying a subsidiary of Ripple or a share in Ripple, then that could be considered good news. BREAKING NEWS – Garlichouse just farted and sends a Ripple through the cryptosphere…!!

  2. Bla bla bla bla.. Didn´t you understand what is happen? until the CME bitcoin futures are ecxisting the Bitcoin will fall and fall and XRP will also fall. These gangsters do the same game with the Gold price (They did create Paper Gold 13000 times more than physical Gold).. This is only a joke, nobody can´t do anything.. Big Guys will never ever let average people become millionaires again.. The time to become millionaires with Cryptos is over.. XRP will touch the lowest prices EOY..

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