Ripple XRP: Was BTC Nothing More Than A Test? & Xpring Invests In Equilibrium Connect

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Daily XRP News
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  1. Would be nice to get a little bit of growth on the price of XRP so we the hodlers don’t feel like we are holding a pile of ……(you fill in the rest)
    LOL – great vid👍

  2. Before watching the video.. Yes… Nuke account to end the test has more than 50% of the Bitcoin that no one knows who owns.

  3. My prophecy… These banks are working on the cross border money transferring platform and have it ready before the demand will skyrocket on 2020 Olympic in Japan.

  4. When you are not sure about your investment as you said, Buy BTC!!! cause when BTC goes down so does XRP and when BTC goes up, XRP still goes down. So how ever you slice it, BTC is the better investment and im learning this the hard way listening to this shit hype about XRP.

  5. I'm a big believer that Bitcoin was created to assess market response to a digital asset. I'd be surprised if it wasn't created by the Big Banks. Ripple is the chosen one, a kinda of Bitcoin 2.0
    The whole rollout of Ripple and XRP adoption has been so smooth that you'd be crazy to think anything else, and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg!
    Hey, just my opinion guys!

  6. Thank you for skipping the irritating BTC TA chart 'analysis'. No disrespect intended, this is coming from one of your subscriber. We all know where BTC price is (glance at the Blockfolio, etc.) whilst relying on TA in crypto is completely pointless since the market is heavily manipulated. Otherwise, love your channel and your energy!👍

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